Similar to the money tree, jade plants symbolize fortune and prosperity, as well as friendship, making them another excellent Lunar New Year gift. 

There is a common saying in some Asian cultures: “Jade by the door, poor no more!” To many people, the jade plant symbolizes luck and wealth. It is believed that the symbolism originated from the fact that the jade plant’s leaves store water, and stored water is analogous to accumulated wealth. The jade plant also represents good Fung Shui as it gives off healthy and positive energy, otherwise known as ‘Chi.’ 

The jade plant’s good fortune can be directed towards specific areas depending on where in a home it is placed:

  • Entry door = prosperity and good fortune
  • East = health and harmony
  • Southeast = wealth and luck
  • West = creativity and luck to children
  • Northwest = luck to teachers

Considered a succulent, the jade plant is also low maintenance. One of the coolest aspects of this durable dude is that it can live for decades in the right conditions, developing interesting forms and getting passed down through generations.