Grappa di Policalpo Cascina Castlet

Grappa di Policalpo Cascina Castlet

  • Producer: Cascina Castlet
  • ABV: 45% vol.
  • Grape: Policalpo Barbera 60% Cabernet Sauvignon 40%
  • Italian Quality Road: Piemonte
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Grappa di Policalpo Cascina Castlet
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Grappa di Policalpo Cascina Castlet

Proof 45% vol
Obtained from the distillation of the marc from the homonymous wine Aged for at least one year in small kegs of acacia-wood
Straw-yellow colour
Fragrant aroma of good intensity
Dry taste, harmonious, long-lasting typical of ageing in wood.


We are spirited, refined and strong. A trio of daughters of fire. We are born from an old alembic that skilfully distils the best of the Passum, Policalpo and Aviè marc.
The same family and the same imprinting but with different characters, and different too are the wines born from the pressing of the grapes. The spirit of Passum is as potent and intense as the grappa that bears its name. Policalpo’s Barbera and Cabernet marc breed a special spirit which amazes with the faint colour of the acacia wood on which it matures without haste, letting time smooth any asperities and make the texture softer and all-embracing.
To appreciate its scent to the full, Aviè grappa should be sipped with the eyes closed. Age-old vigour turns to enjoyable limpidity in the never forgotten flavour of Moscato Passito.
We love chat. We enjoy company and staying up late. We aren’t afraid of comparisons; in fact we like to be judged —without being taken too seriously. We are children of fire and of the stars. The rest doesn’t count.

Pairing Suggestions: After Dinner

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