Things are moving forward for the hospitality industry. Falling COVID case rates have allowed restaurants to reopen, making some progress in bringing back those third spaces we all love to hang out at and connect with friends and family. Over the last year, there has been an explosion in two significant trends. One is the re-emergence of home bartending. With people staying at home, they are starting to boost their bartending skills for various reasons. Many bartenders see this and cater to that trend through videos, books, and other suggested tools. Another big trend has been the rise of non-alcoholic drinks. Bars are popping up with this theme all over the country, and distilled, zero-alcohol spirits are more accessible for the average person to buy. There are plenty of options out there for giving gifts. We have been exploring the landscape for a while, so if you need more ideas than what we have in this list, you can scan our older posts and look at what is available there. Ready to get shopping?


Uncorked Wine Candles - $24 - Six candles that take the scent of popular wines and turn them into candles that can add atmosphere to any room. With a selection of whites and reds available, there is a scent for every wine lover. Each candle is made in the bottom of an old wine bottle, recycling those bottles to keep them in use as long as possible. Support Your Local Businesses - Price Varies - This is still as critical today as it has been for the last two years. There are hundreds of places worldwide, from bottle shops to wine bars to craft cocktail joints, selling unique wares to keep the doors open. Buy a gift card, shirt, six-pack, bottle, or fun accessory from places like this, and they will thank you. Help keep those community staples open for years to come!