While the Coronavirus pandemic has been unequivocally a net negative, a small silver lining has been that many people have found themselves with some extra time in their normally hectic schedules. For some (who aren’t essential workers, and to those on the front lines in all their forms, thank you!) , this has made more room to explore everything from picking up new hobbies or perfecting old ones, finishing home projects, watching more movies and TV, and/or reading.

Personally, I’ve been in a position where I can dabble a little bit in all of the above. One of the things I find myself doing most often, though, is going deep into my collection of comic books and rereading some of my favorite series and graphic novels, plus some I missed the first time around. Naturally, as I read these books, I began to wonder about what kinds of drinks they’d each pair best with (the life of an alcohol writer).